Srau Beach Pacitan

Srau Beach – is one of the favorite beach resorts in Pacitan, East Java. Although Srau Beach is not as famous as Klayar Beach, it remains an attractive tourist destination and is currently popular among tourists.

This beach provides stunning natural scenery, white sand and soft and loud waves will make your tour on Srau Beach will be more impressive.

Location Srau Beach

Srau Beach is located in Srau Village, Candi Village, Pringkulu District, Pacitan Regency, East Java Province. It takes approximately 1.5 hours drive from downtown Pacitan. The location is quite hidden makes Srau Beach is still not so much visited by visitors. Another specialty of Srau Beach is its beautiful natural beaches are so charming, not even inferior to the beach lined in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta.

The Road to Srau Pacitan Beach

Access Srau Beach is still quite hidden, there are only a few signs signs that will lead tourists to the location. Signs directions began to look after you cross the main path leading to the beach Teleng Ria. You will pass the area of the village whose road conditions begin to narrow, up and down, and winding. When you cross paths with a large vehicle should be more careful because the road is quite narrow. You simply follow the village road to get to the location of Srau Beach.


Srau Sunset Beach

There are three parts of the beach in the tourist beach Srau, the eastern, central, to the west. Visitors who come


during the morning usually visited the eastern of Srau Beach to enjoy the beautiful sunrise views here. Meanwhile, during the afternoon, visitors can also enjoy ‘Prau Beach Sunset’ from the western part Srau Beach. Really a unique beach is not it? We can enjoy the beauty of sunrise and sunset at one location. The cliffs to


wering with its jutting shape to the sea add to the exotic scenery you can enjoy on Srau Beach. This beach is also fam

ous for its great waves, so visitors are prohibited to swim in the area of Srau Beach. The big waves on Srau Beach become a favorite for tourists who love to surf. The big waves will bring surfers speeding over the sea of Srau Beach. When the sea water is receding, many visitors use it to take pictures and berselfie on the rocks and capture their beautiful moment when traveling to Srau Beach.

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