Sedudo Waterfall

Sedudo waterfall is situated in the Ngliman village, Sawahan district, within Nganjuk Regency, East Java, Indonesia. The waterfall is located some 30 km south of the district’s capital, Nganjuk, and lies at an altitude of 1,438 metres above sea level, with a drop of approximately 105 metres. Sedudo is close to the base of Mount Wilis, a volcanic massif with no recorded history of eruptions.

Sedudo waterfall is quite famous among local tourists, facilities owned by Sedudo Waterfall tour is also quite good with a path that is very easy to access. Although very accessible, but the location at the level that makes you have to prepare a prime vehicle because the road is quite uphill. After you pay the entrance ticket at the main door, you still have to do trekking to get to this Sedudo Waterfall location. Although you are tired of traveling uphill, all your efforts will be paid off with

 wonderful charm given by  Sedudo Waterfall Nganjuk travel.

Besides being famous for its beauty, Sedudo Waterfall is also famous for its mystical story. That said, Sedudo Waterfall is efficacious to cure various diseases and also can make younger. Therefore many of the visitors who are willing to come outside the region come to the Waterfall Sedudo and linger soaking there.


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