• Note Control Scheme

Before we start playing this game start by learning the basics first. Usually when you play a game like this, the first thing you might have to do is set the camera’s sensitivity.

If you are not familiar with the default control scheme in this game, try to align your will. Even if you’re feeling fine with the default control scheme, we still recommend checking the Advance menu and turning on the “double tap to turn around” control.


  • Find the Best Places to Land

Just like most other battle royale games, the game starts with all the players loaded in planes flying over the arena of the battle arena. When you are ready to jump try after jumping to a zone far from the plane path if you are not ready to fight.

There are two different strategies when you can take the plunge, and both are equally useful.

  1. First you can choose to jump out and hope to land in the middle of the map and immediately kill each other early in the game.


  1. Second you can find the place as far as possible to avoid the initial battle and mebuat other strategies to survive to the end.

The first strategy is good, because by killing and looting other players is a great way to get supplies quickly, but I personally prefer to choose a more methodical approach moving slowly and carefully.

The most important thing to do when you are using a parachute is to look around the mark where other players are likely to meet when heading into the comfort zone. And notice when you’ve determined the area you’ve chosen, tp turns out there are others. Do as two stratedi that I have explained diata. Fight or find another place.


  • Priority Items When Looting

When you first land, you can pick up any weapon you can find and provide, because we will not know when we will be faced with the enemy. If you go down in the area where some enemies try to find a useful weapon for close combat. If you get down where sepia tau ga no enemy you can find another alternative while thinking of strategy.

Suggestion from me if you go down where a bebrapa enemy looks or right near you if you have not found a weapon directly just try to hit the head if lucky you can kill him right away.

The main priority when you’re in someone else’s place as well:

  • Use a shotgun type weapon as it is more useful for close combat.
  • Handgun for second choice if not found shotgun.
  • If you do not find another weapon and just a hand gun, I suggest you avoid and go elsewhere because the possibility of your enemy has found a weapon

Here is the looting priority when you get down where there are some enemies according to my experience version.

When landing in a quiet place you can looting the items you want, such as:

  • Backpack significantly increases the capacity of items you can carry that determines how much ammunition and everything else you can carry.
  • Helmet and Armor, so make sure you always get it to be able to reduce the damage you will receive when fighting.
  • Medic equipment, it is also important to recover HP.ü And do not forget to also take canned drinks.
  • After getting the items, our next ideal item is a weapon with good close-up ability like a shotgun or submachine gun (SMG) and a rifle rifle equipped with optics.
  • Scopes are one powerful item, because you have the potential to shoot people from medium and long distances so they can not even see our poisisi!
  • The disadvantage is that scoped rifle guns are less suitable for close combat, such as in a home or the like.ü That’s where you can switch to shotugun or SMG!


  • Play Enemy Psychology

Speaking of battle royale games then we are talking about how to master opponent psychology. By utilizing the houses and looting items that are in it, then it implies that we can outwit the other players, because they will assume the house is unspoiled.

When you enter the house for looting, you must open the door. At first you probably did not think much about it, but you will surely realize that you have left a very clear footprint! So remember do not forget to close the door.

In addition through the door you can also through the window by jumping it. But if the window is covered with glass, I suggest you not to break it and through the door only because you will leave a very clear footprint.


  • Patience Is the Key

For whatever reason, it looks like there are still many new players who try battle royale game by applying a fast-paced or deathmatch style like any other game when this game is different.

In the Rules of Survival you can often be in the Top 25 or even the Top 10 by not doing anything but bending down and waiting a few minutes then moving again. If I am private, I am more trying to relax and wait for a few minutes to move again, slowly go to the Safe Zone, and avoid all conflicts.

Move slowly while collecting medic, gear and ammo, make sure HP is not dying. If you see there is a better battle let them fight. They can often be easily killed when their HP is dying and become careless because it is too confident after successfully killing several other players.

Camping is one of the best ways to win this game, so find a strategic place and relax! Let other players come to you!


  • Use the Headset

Maybe you often play mobile games with dead sounds, but if you play the game Rules of Survival do not like that. Use sound or ideally use a headset.

In this game you need every information in the form of visual and sound, because it will affect what to do next.

For example you can hear gunshots, footsteps and the sound of cars or other vehicles. From the sound you can find the enemy position by looking at the indicator in the upper HUD which is the direction of the compass.

By using sound and patience like my previous suggestion, this can make you last longer than running ga ga. In addition, the passing plane and the bombs dropped in the red zone can mask your own movement! So listen well to the sounds you hear before you move closer to the smaller Comfort Zone.


  • Take advantage of Third-Person Cameras

Although it may not be obvious when you first play, you can take advantage of a third-person camera to look around corners, above walls, and through windows without showing characters.

Learn how far you can move before it looks and how to get a full view of the window without exposing yourself is an important thing to stay invisible!


  • Crates Is The Perfect Feed

In the occasional Rules of Survival the plane will cross the island and drop the crate that contains some useful items in the game. At first maybe you would think that you need the crate, but wait a minute … the problem is everyone will have the same thoughts with you!

The moment when I managed to kill a lot of players is when I get a strategic position or high ground close to where land crate. When players start to get close to crate, then you can start bulldozing them all!

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