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PUBG Mobile

The Unknown Battleground Player or more popularly called PUBG is a new phenomenon in video games that genre Battle Royal Game. Is a game that requires you to kill each other for the sake of being the last survive. Now it’s been adapted in mobile.

The experience you feel in playing PUBG Mobile is definitely going to be much different from that of its PC version. You are forced to use the controller on your smartphone screen, which is virtual analogue to do almost everything. The problem is the limitations in the controls that make you will not be free if you play on PC.

  1. Landing

The first important point you should notice is the landing site. You must already know that at the beginning of the game we will be transported by airplane with other players which amounts to quite a lot. Then you are given time to determine the place where you and your squad landed.

Lots of nice areas such as School, Pochinki, Military Base, Rozhok and other areas central or middle of the map with a wide range of great loot. But it certainly will bring a lot of risk if you want to land in the middle of the map. Therefore we suggest to land a little more to the periphery of the map, because even if the loot is not very good and you only get the best AKM or Scar L if lucky, at least your chance of surviving is much higher.

  1. Looting or Item Hunt

The second factor of the PUBG Mobile guide for beginners that you must pay attention to is the looting item. If you land in the center of the map, as much as possible you should find a weapon. Whatever it is you can shoot. Although there is a gun, just take it because you can kill your opponent easily.

Do not focus too much on the loot if you land in the center of the map, focus on how to finish your opponent quickly, then you can do the looting calmly. But if you land on the edge and away from the noisy frenzy of the people who kill each other in the middle of the map, you may have a longer time to find good items to survive. Find as many good items as you can before deciding to get into the war zone, because surely the person who lands in the middle of the map will have better weapons.

  1. The fight Weapons

The next point in the PUBG Mobile guide for beginners is probably the most important factor, namely a rifle. Because the core of this game is killing each other to become the last survive. Therefore there are some tips nih. First if you feel your weapon is not good enough to say you only have a shotgun and see there are enemies in the distance, it helps you avoid fighting and wait for the right opportunity to attack.

However, if the opponent is in close range and you hold a weapon with a big damage such as shotgun, yes already shot them to death, to disconnect from the game. Since this is a game using mobile gadgets, if you meet an opponent, just shoot straight away. Do not wait until your crosshair right on their heads, shoot though only a little contact with blood effects that appear hp can make the opponent to panic and loss of concentration so you will be easier to finish.


  1. Move forward

The last tips from PUBG Mobile guide for beginners is about the movement. You must be required to keep moving forward to the point that has been set by the team captain. Do not be too focused with looting so that you forget that the battle zone has been narrowed and you can not get into the safe zone on time.

Keep moving with calculations, if you play with squad for two teams. Each contains two players and moves in tandem with a distance of at least 50 meters. That way you will not be easy prey to the opponent who has been waiting for you guys walking huddled together. This flanking technique is useful when the last battle zone is in an open field. So the enemy’s attention will be divided and one of you who has a good aim and reflex can easily finish off the opponent.

At PUBG Mobile there are some small technicalities that you may not know much about. If you want to run fast, save your weapon because it will add movement speed by six percent. Then running not wearing footwear will not increase movement speed, but at least your footsteps will become slower and a little less noisy.

Source & Translates from GGWP.ID

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