Gondo Mayit Beach

Gondo Mayit Beach is one of the beaches in East Java that has not been so well known and even not many people know. Its natural beauty is luring anyone who loves the nautical nature. This beach has white sand stretching charm clean free of litter and other debris. Clear blue water shimmering sea will captivate anyone to swim in it. When the water recedes, you will be able to see the colorful coastal organisms. The view of the afternoon with the sun shining the afternoon sky will make this beach more beautiful.

Gondo beach Mayit in Indonesian means smelling corpse beach, spooky and full of mystery and myth. This sinister name of the beach that was once found reputedly because many bodies were lying on the beach is causing bad odor. This beach itself is located in an area in Blitar district, precisely location in Tambak Rejo Village, Wonotirto District.

Road Trip to Gondo Mayit Beach

Gondo Mayit Beach is located behind the beach hill Tambak Rejo. The only access to Gondo Mayit Beach is a short walk down hill from Rejo Tambak beach. Put on your slippers or sneakers mountain so that your feet are not sore. This trip takes enough energy. You will trace a river mouth that when the tide allows you to swim there. You will pass a rocky and winding road and meet many climbs and descendants. But on the hill you can see the beautiful view of the South Sea and hear the waves of the ocean.

To reach to this beach, you can only drive a private vehicle either two or four wheeled vehicle in the absence of public transport. But you don’t worry; the way to get there is pretty easy.

From Blitar, you can take the path towards Kademangan and Tulungagung. At the Kademangan junction, you will see a “Tambak Rejo” sign-up board asking you to turn left. You need to continue the journey until you arrive at Tambak Rejo beach and park there. If you do not bring lunch, you can shop for food first on the beach Tambak Rejo which is mostly processed seafood.

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