Gili Ketapang Island

Gili Ketapang Island is a small island located between the island of Java and Madura. The island is located 5 Miles in the middle of the sea from the Port of Tanjung Tembaga Probolinggo. Unfortunately for now there is no bridge connecting the two islands. There is also not yet available passenger ships that operate into the region. However, if tourists want to visit the island, tourists can use small motor boats to get there. The number of motorboats is still very limited.

Because of its location is a bit difficult to reach make this beautiful island is very quiet, aka not many visitors who stopped. The majority of residents who inhabit this island are mostly Madurese descendants who work as fishermen. Beach waves on the island is quite calm, equipped with a stretch of white sand that stretches wide, the color of the blue sea water, and friendly locals make the atmosphere Gili Ketapang island tour was very peaceful and fun.

There is one thing that somewhat in pity, that is the amount of garbage scattered right on the beach. The presence of this waste garbage besides disturbing the scenery, can also damage the sustainability of this island. In addition to the goat pets owned by residents who are on the beach, sometimes make visitors feel a little less comfortable. According to some locals, this is due to lack of public awareness of the importance of environmental cleanliness.

The Origin of Gili Ketapang Island

Originally from the island is not independent of the public myth that says that the island can move up to the middle of the sea. The island was originally located on the same land as the mainland in Ketapang village. Then, after the eruption of Mount Semeru, the land in Ketapang village was finally split and separated from each other. One of these separate landmasses forms a small island island and one of its is Gili Ketapang Island. The island moves to the middle of the sea to as far as 5 Miles.

Location of Gili Ketapang Island

Administratively, the island is still included in Probolinggo District. For the exact location of this tour is located in the Village Ketapang, District Resources, Probolinggo, East Java Province. As for the route crossing starts from Tanjung Tembaga port. The length of time this crossing takes approximately 1 hour.

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