Gatra Beach

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Malang Beach tourism is the main attraction in East Java. The rolling waves and the breezy beach breeze can always repel the irritation. One of them is Gatra Beach, a destination that is still very natural, clean, and charming. Gatra is a protected conservation area. It features cool scenery and is practically natural.

For visitors who plan on camping, here there tent rental by Bhakti Alam. We just pay 25,000 IDR per tent that can accommodate 5 people and a mattress. In addition, we are also obliged to pay the land rental fee of 25,000 IDR per tent. Visitors are only allowed in the camping area Clungup Beach and Gatra Beach. While in Tiga Warna Beach included in Bhakti Alam district is not allowed to put up tents to stay for the visitors.

After all the process is completed we can go along to Gatra Beach that distance is not too far. You have to walk again as far as 1 km from the post of information, or about 10 minutes to track fairly gentle and easily passed. Then you will pass Clungup Beach before reaching Gatra Beach. Clungup Beach adjacent to Gatra Beach and the beach is only about 500 meters away.

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Beside to visiting Clungup Beach and Gatra Beach, this area is also used to go to Tiga Warna Beach are no less beautiful with the beach before. For those of you who enjoy trips to the beach, it does not hurt to stop by this area because you will not only find the beach, but the direct three beaches at a time. The most important thing for tourists to visit tourist attractions, especially to the area of ??conservation areas should pay attention to the surrounding environment. Do not leave trash is the easiest thing we can do so that we remain sustainable natural and beautiful to enjoy.

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Characteristic of Grata Beach

There is one characteristic that only owned Gatra Beach but not owned by other beaches in South Malang, which is a cluster of large rocks in the middle of Gatra Beach. Panoramic scenery is often referred to by people as “Raja Ampat his East Java”. No wonder if many tourists who visit and take pictures because of the charm of the beauty of the cluster of rocks that seemed like being in Raja Ampat Papua. Although the beach in South Malang is famous for the waves are ferocious, but different things with the character of the beach waves that tend to calm. This is because the beach Gatra sandwiched between several small islands such as Sempu Island and the existence of a large cluster of rocks around the coast of Gatra so big waves split so as to create a wave wave more calm.

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Access to Gatra Beach

Distance from the city of Malang to the beach as far as 73 km Slot journey takes about 2 hours if riding a motorcycle and three hours if using a car. When departing from the city of Malang then the intended route should lead to Gadang, Turen then go to Blue Spring Beach. On the way will meet the directions to turn right to take the route to Clungup Beach. After that turn right, will meet again the intersection and take the left and then follow the guided path until it arrives towards the Fish Auction Place. After that you will reach the main door of Clungup Beach, Gatra Beach and Tiga Warna Beach.

If you drive a car then must be parked at the entrance and walk as far as 1.3 km to Gatra Beach. Meanwhile, if using a motor can save energy because it can drive through the path that has been installed paving block until the post guard then continue the walk about 500 meters through Clungup Beach. For those who do not want to walk can hire the services of motorcycles on the main door at a cost of about RP 10,000 per motor so that the trip will be faster up to the beach Gatra.

If there is a time of about 2 to 3 hours, tourists can also visit Clungup Beach where access to Gatra Beach also passes Clungup Beach. Tourists can also perform activities along the coastline along the path of conservation. Starting from Bangsong Beach, Mini Beach, Savana Beach, Asmoro Bay Beach and Three Color Beach which recently became a tourist spot hunted by young people. In order to travel safer travelers can be escorted guide with a tariff of about Rp 50,000 to Rp 100,000.

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