Coban Jodo Waterfall

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Coban Jodo, one of the new waterfalls that are currently hits among the traveler. Because Coban Jodo in addition to having a very natural beauty is also very instagenik. Coban Jodo itself recently opened in 2017, many tourists are curious and come to the location of the waterfall and upload social media.

Coban Jodo name is taken from the history of local people. It is said that once during the colonial period there are a pair of couples who fled to this waterfall. But there is another opinion if the name Jodo taken from the form of water terjunya because there are 2 streams of waterfalls flowing so that it looks like a couple. Because Coban Jodo spelled out a new tour then access to the location is also still difficult and there is no clear clue. But when viewed from its location, Coban Jodo is located not far from Coban Jidor. Even the path that must be taken to Coban Jodo also almost the same. Later on Coban Jidor we stay straight up to see the end of the asphalt road from the village Bendolawang.

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Coban Jodo is administratively located in Bendolawang Village, Ngadirejo Village, Jabung Sub-district, Malang Regency, East Java Province. So from that last village before arriving at Coban Jodo location is Bendolawang hamlet. From this village we still need to continue the journey by taking the path rocks as far as approximately 1 kilometer until finally arrived in Coban Jodo parking area.

From the parking area we have to continue the journey by walking again as far as 1-2 km with a fairly slippery track treking and filled with rocks, bushes and paths that are only about 1 meter wide. Not only that, there are many derivatives and climbs are quite steep until finally we have to pass some streams that flow pretty heavy. Not far from there was seen and heard the water Coban Jodo.


One of the reasons why many tourists who want to come directly to Coban Jodo is the texture of the cliffs grooved decorated with green trees around it. In fact there are many fresh grass that seemed very natural. Around Coban Jodo there are also many other waterfalls that can be visited like Coban Jidor, Coban Kricik, Coban Arema, Coban Suko.



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