Guide Mobile Legend for new Player

For those of you playing at Mobile Legends, follow the guidelines Mobile Legends for beginners. Mobile Legends is a MOBA strategy game that is more teamfight!


  1. Master the First Principle Using Hero!

Mastery of play is something you should apply. No need to practice a lot of characters when you’re just playing, but mastering one or two heroes will first help you get used to the game. Character rotation needs to be done also in the early days you play to at least know the types of classes. You can try all heroes, but get the characters that match your way of playing! You can even be much more able to master the characters when you lose! Because learning from the mistakes and his own experience is the best teacher.

  1. Understanding the Role of Each Character

MOBA is a game that requires team work and strategy. You are not playing against the enemy team alone, but playing as a team. The following Mobile Legends guide each role:

Carry, the role played as dealer damage in a match. This role really needs help support to make it a killer monster! Carry is usually a marksmen or mage that focuses on damage. Tanks, initiators in the team who are also the front line in a game. Tank’s role receives the most damage in a fight team to support carry. If you play as a Tank must have the right decision!

Support, a role that is not popular and tends to be ignored. Your role here is to guarantee the carry on the team last longer in the team fight. The role of support is very important in an intense team fight, so do not take for granted! Jungler, unlike the other character roles that play on the lane, junglers play in the forest and need to be aware of the map completely! Jungler can also act as an initiator in a gank or counter gank.

  1. Practicing Last Hit Minion

Your initial economic support is the minion. Last hit is very important to kill the minion to get more gold. By doing last continuous hit practice, then you can have economy in the game better!
The reason for mastering one hero is also to get used to the last hit! The longer you use those characters, the more you get used to the damage per level, and the effective items to do the last hit.


  1. Always Wary of Map or Map

For you new players do not hesitate to always check mini map! With introspective behavior to always see the map, you will be able to estimate the movement of the enemy. If there are enemies missing on the map, you will realize there is a possibility of ganking on the lane, so first anticipate the agari no loss!
Never forget the support from friends who keep telling you that there are characters that are not on their lane, or missing. Staying vigilant becomes your key to maintaining the benefits that have been achieved!

  1. Team Fight and Taking Objective

Mobile Legends Guide for the last and most important beginner is to team the fight as often as possible and take objective! You are part of the team, an inevitable thing in the MOBA game. Therefore, always communicating well is the key of team cohesiveness, and the better teamwork is also the key to victory!

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